Make Your Breakfast Plate Work Magic

Make Your Breakfast Plate Work Magic
When I coach my clients on how to get more energy in their lives, I'm delighted when they spend time truly making wise food choices.But I see many of these energy-change seekers overlooking the very beginning of their valuable relationship with their body. For example,

When I coach my clients on how to get more energy in their lives, I’m delighted
when they spend time truly making wise food choices.

But I see many of these energy-change seekers overlooking the very
beginning of their valuable relationship with their body. For example,
breakfast time.

If I was to join you for breakfast, what would I be served?

I hope it’s not a bagel or croissant with coffee or even worse, nothing!All of which
would leave me wondering whether I am going to have enough energy to get out the
door! Or would you prepare something different, “more special”, than what you
serve yourself?

It is imperative to create a start to your day that has you ready to live a day rich with
energy, productivity and being available for yourself and others. In the morning, be
sure to:

1. Thank your body for waking up!

Take time to stretch, yawn, and move around a bit before you shove food down your
throat and head out the door (or vice-versa!).

2. Let your body know what else is coming.

For example, do you have time to sit and eat before you head out into the world,
turn on your computer or do anything else that has your day jump started? This is
ESPECIALLY important if you live in a city or go to a job that has you moving,
engaging, or navigating right away. I mean, really, we HAVE to prepare our bodies
for this onslaught of stimulation. If you don’t take time to fuel your body, there’s a
chance that it won’t be available for you later in the day, or will panic and slow down
your metabolism or worse develop a cold or other sickness.

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3. Make it feel personal.

Include some enjoyable music, flowers, a peaceful or inspiring reading with your
breakfast and a clean, organized space to sit for a moment to enjoy your food, if
you can. Making breakfast a personal moment helps me feel like I know I am going
to have a good day, and, remember, this is also important because I’m more likely
to easily digest my food (which always means more energy) and be in a better place
to get things done throughout the day.

4. Ask for ideas.

If you REALLY feel that what is holding you back from creating good, solid breakfast
moments are the other people in your household then take some time to chat with
them about this. This fast-forwards your relationship with your family by making
them realize you care about them, their bodies, yourself, your body and how you are
all experiencing each day in this world. Something like this will do: “I’d love to hear
what YOU think we can do to make breakfast a priority, [Child/Spouse/Parent/
Partner Name Here].” Put some options out there and make it a conversation.
Communication is a big part of health and a key to better energy.

You can also start stocking the fridge with yummy EnergyRich food and
see what happens. A client of mine who was temporarily living with her in-laws was
shocked when she noticed that her fresh fruit was disappearing. (I hear about it
happening ALL the time. You THINK they won’t go for the good stuff, but the
bottom line is: it is good stuff and every-BODY instinctively knows it!)

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5. Give your OWN body something special first thing.

Why not encourage yourself to take advantage of EnergyRich food first
thing in the morning? For example, you could tell yourself, “I know I want to be
feeling great in my body and to be living each day with as much energy as possible.
Why not get started right away? My body will thank me for it throughout the entire
day and I’ll feel it immediately.”

(I make about an extra thousand better choices a day, just from this one decision!)

For further inspiration, you can have the good food already made or ready to be
made in your fridge; this makes it irresistible!

6. Recommended Choices.

First, know your body. What fuels you? Are you the type of person who can get up
and go on a bowl of oatmeal? Or does that choice have you starving one hour later?
Find one or two options whose EnergyRich content matches your needs
but that doesn’t take a lot of preparation. This process is also called “co-creation.”

The choice might be:

A half of melon (for summer)

A bowl of oatmeal of other whole grain with berries (again, summer) and/or nuts
(better in winter)

A piece of whole grain bread with almond butter

A bowl of citrus fruit sprinkled with flaxseeds

A hard-boiled egg

A cheese less omelet with a cooked green inside

A salad (think out of the box)

And there are more.

Remember, You’re Laying the Foundation

The point to all this? By taking extra care with your start of the day, you lay the
foundation for a long and profitable relationship with your body and your life. Do
you need a better reason?

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